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VK6RMR Proposal - Thoughts and Notes

Current Ruminations

Input greatly welcome :-


  1. must be a low RF noise environment.
  2. physical coverage will initially be very local due the the geographical location.
  3. Internet linkage will assist greatly.
  4. 2nd. tower will increase coverage considerably.
  5. the initial tower, once set up, I can modify and expand.

Update: have put this on the back burner for a few months due to many other commitments.

Plan of Action

  1. to complete my go box construction. To include a Raspberry Pi.
  2. to set it up to operate IRLP on the VK6RBN frequencies (rev).
  3. to set up a separate 70cm AllStar system.

To erect a repeater station on a 20m mast 3/4's up a north facing hill in Prevelly in Margaret River. I am open to all sorts of ideas.

Initial Radio Configurations Being Looked At

A cross band repeater with a single RxTx 70cm frequency linked directly via 2m to VK6RBN Busselton.

An IRLP interface.

An AllStar node.

A D-STAR node.

The aim is to be able to use a hand held in the local area to link into the south west repeater system and beyond.


  1. IRLP - will definitely look at - WIA Amateur Radio 2020 01.
  2. AllStar - yes. Echo link is a possibility.
  3. D-STAR node - yes.
  4. APRS is a possibility.
  5. C4FM, Fusion, WIRES etc. - will look at.
  6. DMR - will look at.
  7. KiwiSDR - putting up an inverted V - yes.
  8. SDRplay DUO - putting up dipoles - a possibility.


2m / 70cmDiamond X-300M x 2vertical stacked, guyedInstallation Instructions
2m & 70cmYaesu FT-8900RUsing cross band repeater modeManual, Brochure, Video
  • placed on 60' tower in the bush to the east of the house - amongst the trees and with black, brown, grey (metal) and green paint and bits of dead wood sticking out.
  • repeater with a single 70CM frequency and connecting directly into VK6RBN on 2m.
  • solar powered with batteries.
  • Raspberry Pi mini computers. I have extensive SW and HW experience working with this device, similar devices and embedded devices in general.
  • Possibly using an openSPOT V1 if it can be linked either via analogue MR end as a D-STAR node - I'm a newbie there.
  • and I may shove cameras on the top - depends on the available power.
  • the system will be linked to the house LAN via a microwave dish LAN extender.

will need to look at frequencies, modes of operation including cross mode operation.


  1. we get very strong winter storm winds from the west - the roaring 40's move up here.
  2. the cables will need to come down in the center of the mast?
  3. it will have to be parrot proof.
  4. the cabinets will have to be critter and weather proof. However I can keep an eye on them. They can be mounted on the side of the tower.
  5. the tower guys will have to be set up such that the kangaroos don't go crashing into them and so that they don't go near the firebreaks.
  6. the antenna guys can go to the horizontal poles and the tower.
  7. the tackle for hauling up the HF antennas will also have to be in place.
  8. need to look at placing the digital equipment in the house and linking to the tower via analogue.

Inaugural Meeting of the VK6RMR Repeater Group 27-01-20

Present - VK6AXB Anthony, VK6SO Phil, VK6PAL Shaun, VK6FTT Tom, VK6TM Kim.

  1. location of new tower position determined.
  2. basic equipment list determined - will need to be fleshed out.
  3. work that needs to be done determined - will need to be fleshed out. A lot of hard yakka.
  4. initial configuration - analogue cross band repeater. Solar powered.
  5. the digital side added on at a later date.