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Margaret River

Free Firewood

Available from :-

Name Address Email Address Phone
Gayle Corbould 213 Wilderness Road corbould2@gmail.com 0422 904 121
Kim Lyon 280 Wilderness Road kim.lyon@bodjidup.com 0447 883 960

Fire Risk Reduction - Collection and Removal of Excesses Fuel Loads

We've started the collection and tidyup of our excess timber and forest litter. I anticipate that there will be a surplus. If anyone wants free wood for the winter please get in contact to make arrangements to collect it.

When collecting I suggest you bring :-

  1. suitable clothing - long sleeved shirt, trousers, socks and boots or sports shoes.
  2. hat, sun lotion, water.
  3. gloves, glasses \ sunnies.
  4. garden bags.

To collect :-

  1. contact the owner beforehand to arrange access - times and where to get the timber.
  2. if you need a chain saw - make arrangements either with the owner or bring your own.
  3. both kindling (bark and twigs) and large timber (branches) are available.
  4. don't collect anything that has already been collected \ bagged \ piled up.
  5. be aware that this is the bush so there are plenty of critters. They'll mostly keep out of your way. Just be careful of the Kung Fu Kangaroos though 😄. Also be aware that your safety is your responsibility.

please make a donation to the local BFBs.

If anyone wants to be added to the list above please get in touch.